Edward’s Other Websites

I divided my last website, Multidimensional Healing, into seven different subjects to be represented in seven different websites. Three websites discuss pre-conception to and through the world between death and rebirth. Although there is overlap Wombtime.com deals with pre-conception through young adulthood, 21st-Century-Shaman.com covers ages twenty-one to sixty, and AgeHealing.com looks at a person’s final years.

EdwardRice.com covers the author, Edward Rice Books (Multidimensional Publishing LLC, and Edward’s book Angels and Your Other Unseen Friends.

Journey‑Into‑Self.com is a compilation of Edward’s understanding of the human evolutionary stream that he gathered during his life as a metaphysician and metaphysical healer.

PoliticalMetaphysics.com discusses the news from Edward’s metaphysical understanding. He believes that politics is a window into the future, physically, metaphysically, and spiritually. Politics

EMEForce.com is a working project that allows individuals to participate in the healing of Mother Earth and the maturation of her inhabitants