When I think of the great wealth some people, corporations, and governments are amassing, I think of how short life is and wonder about the effort wealth requires from its seekers. I think the more material goods a person or family has the more they are condemning their descendants. Like a curse that may hit the first generation or maybe the second, definitely the third if fortunate but no matter how they prepare, the blood line will become corrupt. The children will eventually become warped, unable to maintain family or company traditions, expectations, and norms. The wealth may make their name known, but their blood line will spoil. Service-to-self beings relish this fact because they believe, “Who can be better than me?” Service-to-other beings ignore this eventuality.



The story centered on a 18 year old male meeting his mother for the first time since she gave him up for adoption. The story was typical, the mother was a single with other children and with little if any means. After a painful decision process, she gave up the child by convincing herself that it would be better off. After the adoption she suffered from depression and entertained thoughts of or actual attempts at suicide, but she pulled herself together for the sake of her other children and continued her life.

Adoption Is Not What It Is Thought To Be

Human beings are Soul/Spirit physical appendages who almost never experience random coincidences. In almost every situation we find ourselves, we have as Soul/Spirit beings planned our actions and their consequences and outcomes before our human bodies act the part. There may be slight changes that occur in the acting out of the plan, but almost always everyone within the relationship has agreed to the rules before they were born, which include the feelings and emotions they experience as well as the thoughts and images they think, imagine, and see.

There are always a few examples which will not fit this model, but each of those are planned for their own unique experiences. Adoption is almost always preplanned, preordained, and totally agreed upon by all participants, especially the child and both biological and adoptive parents. The child wants to be born experiencing its birth mother’s genetic, emotional, and mental world experiences and world view, but wants to be raised in the adoptive mother’s world and to experience her emotional and mental world experiences and views. Fathers also play power roles especially during childhood.

The volunteers for these relationships have accepted the consequences involved and know in advance the stages and the scripts. Their guilt, anger, remorse, shame, and other emotions are designed as attempts to wake them up to themselves and their own powers of self-healing.

Many of the secrets of life are just below consciousness shrouded in confusing and chaotic emotions that were preplanned by each participant, victim and perpetrator. The plans are more detailed than believed; they are to be experienced, lived with, and eventually faced to be understood, released, and finally healed. If adoption, infant neglect, and all other childhood traumas and dramas are preplanned we as Soul/Spirit beings surly developed methods we can reclaim to heal ourselves.

That, in a nutshell, is the reason each of us exists. We exist to learn to create our reality without harm to others. This is the hardest and harshest of all spiritual paths and the most difficult to master lessons. The truth is that we are the best there is at these chores and we love it or we would not be here. e


A teacher is not just a person who distributes information, a book, robot, computer, or even a TV can do that. A teacher is a link between the child and the human condition. Until the child’s teeth change or around its seventh year, the child is supersensitive. This means that it feels more than it thinks so it is unable to explain its feelings and most of the time does not feel a need to explain anything. A child absorbs every human energy it comes in contact with. A stressed and unhappy teacher, no matter how educated and trained that teacher is, will pass that stress and unhappiness to the child. The child will then accept it as its own. The child’s feelings are not like ours—young adults, grown-ups, adults, and the elderly do not feel like children. We have or are learning to feel with our physical senses by cutting off our Soul and Spirit sense, children are supersensitive and feel similar to the way they did before their incarnation. Children very slowly replace their Soul and Spirit senses for awareness of their physical senses but until their physical bodies are mature a lot of what they absorb is not by thinking but by feeling.

The bond between teachers and children is special because the teacher socializes our children and those children will learn to expect stress, unhappiness, and denial in their lives if they experience their teachers as most of them are today. Children are our future and our future must have healthy, emotionally mature, and mentally competent youth taught by service-to-other teachers displaying a healthy, mature, mentally competent self. The people who do not take care of those who are learning and those who service others are either acting as service-to-self beings or they are service-to-self beings. It is not enough to say that these people are evil because they are, but evil needs to be redefined. Evil today is hurting others for gain.

Is hurting children and teachers to give more money to the rich the norm now? I think the teachers, parents, and students have had enough of the emotionally immature and mentally incompetent. Let us trust that we have all have had enough.       

Stephen Hawking

­­­­­1 April 2018 

The symbolism of the three white lilies and three white roses was probably noted then ignored by the man they were meant to honor. While the bells tolled seventy-six times and deep grief pooled around the attendees searching for solace, Stephen Hawking no doubt was painlessly and effortlessly singing and dancing among the procession from his home to the grave in Cambridge. Death is a condiment to Soul and Spirit, a different sensation gained by walking through that veil into etheric life or the conception veil into mineral/physical life. Stephen will now be able to see his theories at work. He is going to be surprised. e

Journey Into Self

We are all multidimensional beings existing on multi-levels at once, even though most of us are not aware of it. When we attempt to work on an emotional issue on the normal conscious level, we do nothing to resolve the issue on the many levels that it actually exists and affects us. As earthly human beings, our conscious focus is normally on the third dimension. We look around and almost everything in our awareness leads us to the conclusion that there is nothing more to our reality than what we see, feel, touch, taste or smell (ordinary reality).

However, if we alter our state of consciousness, we can open our awareness beyond the third dimension to the vastness of the worlds that actually interact with and affect our lives (non-ordinary reality). By looking at an issue on its many dimensions from Source to self, we are able to finally release it at every affected level.It is the greater truth beyond everyday life that becomes known and is experienced on a Journey Into Self.

From the comfort of my office armchair, I have been blessed with innumerable opportunities to psychically travel with clients through their subconscious and unconscious minds to explore emotions, core beliefs and deep memory banks which have opened into knowledge, worlds and realms sometimes hard to explain. Often these adventures have been more exciting than an Indiana Jones movie. In the process we have enlisted the help of multidimensional life forms such as angels, guides and counselors and we have released astral entities and active thought forms. And together we have found answers to many of mankind’s oldest questions.

My transformative work is based on the central concept that we create our own personal realities and that the world that surrounds us is a reflection of who we are. Much to our confusion and frustration, however, our realty creation is rarely the result of our conscious minds and conscious choices. Because our realities are also largely generated from our unconscious and subconscios minds (beyond our every day awareness) our reality creation seems to be separate from us and out of our control. However, if we make the effort to become conscious of what we normally ignore, our subconscious and unconscious levels, we can learn how to create realities with more positive futures.

What is it that is generating our lives outside of our awareness?

It is our beliefs, particularly our strongest or core beliefs which reside in the unconscious and subconscious minds. If we pay attention to our every day emotions we can learn to ride the threads of their feeling sense all the way into the subconscious and unconscious minds to uncover our core beliefs. It is our many multi-level beliefs that combine to form the unique vibration of who we are individually. Our personal vibration then draws to us like-vibrations that manifest as the events around us. In this process we also attract multidimensional energy forms that exist within our energy fields as entity attachments, thought forms, trapped energy patterns, soul fragments, etc. They affect our daily lives even though we may be oblivious of their existence.

If we can locate our core beliefs, we can change them and, as a result, the vibration of who we are and what we attract. We can also enlist the assistance of a number of multidimensional beings including multi-aspects of Self. Through altered states of consciousness we can connect to non-ordinary reality and access our High Self, Soul, Spirit, Inner Child, Past/Future Lives as well as Parallel Selves. Working in multidimensions and multi-realities is a shamanic approach to healing our lives and creating the realities we desire.

A shaman walks between worlds via the trance state and hypnosis is a twentieth-century approach used to reach those states that can open the doors to non-ordinary reality. Using hypnosis as a tool of choice for deep relaxation, I have assisted and guided hundreds of clients through non-ordinary reality for over the past forty. In my private healing practice, when conducting seminars, or during consultations I always focued on empowering others to think and feel for themselves and to understand their unique multidimensionality. In the process of learning to more fully understand Self, they actually feel and experience other dimensions, other realms. The goal is to transform, transmute and, ultimately, transcend–in order to experience life from a higher state of being.

Note: Throughout this website there are references to past, present, or other time related delineations. Since we are in the third-dimension and do experience time as linear, for simplification, it would be easier to refer to events in a time sequence as we normally do.

For More Information: What is a 21st Century Shaman?

• Understand and release blocks caused by: Cellular imprints, negative emotions and thought forms, significant personal events, energy interference

• Discover life purpose

• Explore and heal emotional causes of disease–improve health

• Improve relationships–work, family, romantic

• Connect to spiritual guides/high self

• Release inner child/parental issues

• Understand/integrate past life lessons

• Reduce stress/Find inner peace

• Open to creativity, prosperity
, psychic abilities, innate talents

• Find and release lost fragments of self-soul retrievals

• End psychic and entity attachments

Journey Into Self
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