Following Your Soul’s Path

It is for good reason that we are currently experiencing a deluge of things related to soul. The urge to turn to soul is contained within the vast unconscious and is causing a stir within many of us at this time. In our grand experiment into individuality, human beings have ventured as far as anyone has ever been from Source, but we have now rounded the bend toward Home. As we continue toward the fourth dimension of emotion, our consciousness is naturally opening to the remembrance of the Divine Feminine and of Her counterpart on the individual level, Soul. It is Soul that we are being called to explore in order to open our self-awareness beyond the third dimension.

For many of us, our Souls have planned this to be our last lifetime on Earth. However, in order to break the reincarnation cycle, we must clear up, in this single lifetime, everything that we have not been able to master or complete or let go of in “past” lifetimes. This is not about punishment but, rather, about Soul reaching fullness of experience. Out of necessity, in the planning stages prior to our current lifetime, we pulled from our spiritual clothes closets all of our most weighty Soul garments and packed our bags until they bulged with issues. We find ourselves in this lifetime confronting our Soul’s unfinished business — its most difficult tasks and important lessons.

In the past spirituality has often meant blindly following the dictates of whomever we deemed to be the authority, whether it be a religion/church or a special group or person. A new spirituality is emerging as people realize that spiritual paths are as diverse as individuals themselves and that each of us will have to reach deep inside to our own guidance and wisdom in order to find our unique path — the path that Soul has prepared for us in this lifetime. It is Soul’s purpose to act as a guiding beacon of light as it holds the focus of our highest potential via a vibrational blueprint. This blueprint echos through our four bodies, down to our cellular level and can be most easily heard or known through our emotions, the language of Soul. It is the emotions that connect us to soul and, paradoxically, it is the emotions that can separate us from knowing Soul. When we experience inner turmoil and conflict instead of peace and love in our lives, we are out of sync with Soul.

Even though great planning and preparation take place in the higher realms prior to incarnation, once conception has taken place, free will reigns and unforeseen influences begin to override the Soul’s blueprint as core beliefs are formed and held in the subconscious mind. It is from these core beliefs, buried deep under our conscious level of awareness, that we create our realities and experience our emotions. Finding core beliefs, whether they originated in wombtime, childhood, past/future lives, or any other of our multi-levels, is key to aligning with Soul. Also key is releasing, from all of our multidimensional levels, the energies that have been attracted and held in place by these core beliefs, whether they be entity attachments, thought forms, trapped energy patterns, soul fragments, etc. As we locate and release core beliefs we clear our emotional blockages that separate us from Soul. As our emotions clear we can begin to hear Soul speak to us and we can respond appropriately.


Journey Into Self

Santa Fe, New Mexico



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