The Magic of Electromagnetic Energy

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Chaos is electromagnetic in nature and has no real meaning beyond what human definitions give it. We humans create electromagnetic energy through our emotional discharges which we are then supposed to reabsorb and transform—change it to another energy. Ideally, humans should not discharge the energy released through negative emotions such as anger, fear, or hate because of the nature of the energy; most of it is not absorbable and remains either attached to its creator or to the subject or object the emotion was directed to.
Human beings are the only physical creatures on the earth who can transform our personal energy, the energy created by others, and unabsorbed energy that has been increasingly carpeting the earth for thousands of years. We are the guardians of the earth, we cannot afford to burden her development because of our unawareness of our responsibilities as evolving soul beings utilizing physical human bodies.
How to transform, intend, focus, and then create with transformed electromagnetic energy is another skill most of us were incarnated at this special time to learn. Dominion over does not mean control or power over, it means strong guardian influence over. This could be considered a 21st century shaman skill that everyone should know. This energy can be used personally, given to others, or returned to Mother Earth as pure stem cell like energy.
Chaos is everywhere, no thing is immune. From a physical eye, Mother Earth is suffering from climate change while the metaphysical eye sees Mother Earth as suffering from increasingly more devastating storms and earth upheavals because of the accumulated uncleared human emotion that has been building around earth since the ending of the Atlantian Epoch, the last last great epoch. If that explanation makes no sense to you, then a more compatible way to look at it is what historians call the dawn of civilization believed to be some fifteen to twenty-five thousand years ago. More on that later.
Another producer of chaos from a metaphysical viewpoint is the resonance created when service-to-self and service-to-other human being’s evolutionary paths are intertwined and they have been for thousands of years, but they are now beginning to separate, or shall we say split from one another. Another way to view it is that the two types of beings have been evolving on separate but crossing evolutionary paths which are continuing to evolve, but in different directions, following different goals, and creating far different realities.
Chaos is also ever present because of this critical time in everyone and everything’s evolution. Being alive in this chaos will stand out to all of us as our most monumental lifetime we will ever experience or have ever experienced. The reasons are difficult for the brain to understand so those types of studies can be left to our next life between death and rebirth, leaving this life free to focus on living. That leaves the few who probably spent lifetimes in the shamanistic traditions of working with power and transformation. Those are the living human being who will usher in modern definitions and procedures where a person who thinks they have no power over events discovers that they are transformers of energy who must draw the maps to the future. If you are a transformer your angels and unseen friends have brought you here, to this moment, for you to begin to recall your calling.
Life should focus on the concept that every being attached to and experiencing it compliments of Mother Earth is presently choosing which path they will pursue; the path the service-to-self being follow or the path followed by the service-to-other beings. Most human beings have already made their choice. For the living, life is being experienced as their choices are unfolding before their eyes. Those not living are experiencing their choices in various other ways, but the honor of being alive to experience life during these times of chaos is earned, not given, so each of us have our path to follow. Do you know yours?

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