Soul ‘Time Line’

  • Prior to conception Soul participates in lifetime planning, creating the vibrational blueprint which sets up our fundamental patterns. 
  • At conception the sparks of Soul/Spirit and God/Goddess/All That Is merge, creating a synergy of new life. 
  • During creation of the fetus, Soul holds space for Spirit as Spirit creates the human form which will become the vehicle of the Soul. 
  • Soul encounters restrictions of physicality, enters the body between the time of conception and seventy-two hours after birth. (If Soul does not enter, the physical body will die, and Soul will begin planning its next incarnational experience.) 
  • At birth Soul names the child, a surname that vibrates to the personality’s purpose in the given lifetime. 
  • During adolescence an emotional wounding always occurs in order to extinguish the God/Goddess-given fire of passion and to sever the natural connection to Soul. 
  • As the adolescent/adult seeks to redefine self and reconnect to his/her passion after the wounding, Soul watches over and waits for reunion.
  • During the time of death/transition a part of the Soul called the Remain stays with the body for three days.  
  • After death the Soul reviews and evaluates the recent lifetime as it begins planning for the next life experience, always seeking to become more. It strives for fullness in and balance of its cumulative Soul life.

Journey Into Self

Santa Fe, New Mexico USA