A teacher is not just a person who distributes information, a book, robot, computer, or even a TV can do that. A teacher is a link between the child and the human condition. Until the child’s teeth change or around its seventh year, the child is supersensitive. This means that it feels more than it thinks so it is unable to explain its feelings and most of the time does not feel a need to explain anything. A child absorbs every human energy it comes in contact with. A stressed and unhappy teacher, no matter how educated and trained that teacher is, will pass that stress and unhappiness to the child. The child will then accept it as its own. The child’s feelings are not like ours—young adults, grown-ups, adults, and the elderly do not feel like children. We have or are learning to feel with our physical senses by cutting off our Soul and Spirit sense, children are supersensitive and feel similar to the way they did before their incarnation. Children very slowly replace their Soul and Spirit senses for awareness of their physical senses but until their physical bodies are mature a lot of what they absorb is not by thinking but by feeling.

The bond between teachers and children is special because the teacher socializes our children and those children will learn to expect stress, unhappiness, and denial in their lives if they experience their teachers as most of them are today. Children are our future and our future must have healthy, emotionally mature, and mentally competent youth taught by service-to-other teachers displaying a healthy, mature, mentally competent self. The people who do not take care of those who are learning and those who service others are either acting as service-to-self beings or they are service-to-self beings. It is not enough to say that these people are evil because they are, but evil needs to be redefined. Evil today is hurting others for gain.

Is hurting children and teachers to give more money to the rich the norm now? I think the teachers, parents, and students have had enough of the emotionally immature and mentally incompetent. Let us trust that we have all have had enough.       

My Personal Thoughts


When I think of the great wealth some people, corporations, and governments are amassing, I think of how short life is and wonder about the effort wealth requires from its seekers. The more material goods a person or family has the more they are condemning their descendants. Like a curse that will settle on the first generation or maybe further down the line, but no matter how they prepare, the blood line will become corrupt. The children will eventually become warped, unable to maintain family or company traditions, expectations, and norms. Wealth may insure that a name survives, but almost all of their blood line will spoil. Service-to-self beings relish this fact believing that their decedents will not accomplish more than they because they believe, “Who can be better than me?” Service-to-other beings ignore this eventuality, but they always want their children to be better than they.